May 25, 2012

By mikebarber

HARRISONBURG — Virginia Tech athletic director Jim Weaver said Friday the Hokies are happy in the Atlantic Coast Conference and are not pursuing a move. He’s also not worried about Clemson or Florida State jumping ship and leaving the ACC for the simplest of reasons. Weaver said he trusts his fellow ADs when they tell him they’re committed to the league.

“The thing about communicating with the ADs in our league is, I believe we can take their word for gospel,” Weaver said Friday. “If they tell us there’s nothing to it then I believe them. They’re not going to lie to us.”

Weaver said he doesn’t get too caught up in all the realignment and expansion rumors that run rampant on the internet.

“I don’t,” Weaver said. “I don’t pay any attention to it until I’ve had some direct communication about it. It helps me get my work done.”

Weaver shot down rumors that Virginia Tech had sent out feelers to the Big 12 about moving to that conference.

“I can tell you I have not talked to anybody about relocation,” Weaver said. “Nobody whatsoever. But people write that stuff just to keep the topic hot.”

Weaver said Virginia Tech is happy in the ACC, satisfied with the league’s new television contract with ESPN and shot down the notion that the league is rapidly becoming a basketball league in a football-driven landscape of college sports.

“I think the conference is in good shape,” Weaver said. “We obviously have 12 current members that will soon go to 14 with the addition of Pittsburgh and Syracuse. There’s no question in my mind that we’re in the right place for Virginia Tech to be. We’ve always wanted to be in the Atlantic Coast Conference since it began in 1953. We’ve seen there now for eight years. We like the philosophical approach and balance the conference offers with regards to its academics and athletics.”